Colombian Hair Style Competition Enhances Black Culture

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Published on January 26, 2016

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Women stylists from all over Colombia celebrated the eighth annual Afro-Colombian hair contest on Sunday in the western city of Cali.

This year’s competition, “Weaving Hopes” builds on the success of last year’s United Nations celebrated the President Hilario López’s 1851 abolishment of slavery in Colombia.

Their aim of the competition is to preserve the style of weaving, braiding, and other afro-hairstyles, to foster black cultural diversity.

[Emilia Valencia, President of the Association of Afro-Colombian Women of Cali]:
“We want to assert the beauty of black women, the aesthetics and the hard work of the black women.”

The hair styles were inspired by their ancestors.

[Maria Olave, Hairdresser and Stylist]:
“I am inspired by our ancestors from the past. The hairstyle she has is like those from the palenque (a place where slaves lived), a wooden palisade where they had deposited all the seeds that we, in our slavery, were stealing for ourselves, and so when we were escaping from the tribe, we took the seeds and these are the fruits of the ‘chontaduro’ (peach-palm), the banana, the plantain.”

Criteria for judging the competition included creativity, subject matter, skill and use of materials.

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