10 Things To Do In Cartagena

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Published on July 13, 2017

Cartagena is the habanero of Caribbean beach cities: so spicy.

  1. Walk The Old City There are three main neighborhoods in old Cartagena: Centro, San Diego, and Getsemani. Walk every street (and we mean EVERY street) by foot. Morning and evenings are the best time for exploring.
  2. Get To Getsemani. Real people live in this old neighborhood, which is what makes it more alive than Centro or San Diego. Street art = worth an afternoon. Go back to the Plaza de Trinidad at night.
  3. Museums We went to the (free) Museo de Oro and the Palacio de la Inqusicion.
  4. Eat Crazy fruits you should try: lulo, zapote, maracuya, granadilla, caimito, guanabana, and mamoncillo. Don’t want to buy from streetcarts? Try them as juices. Other meals: seafood is king in Cartagena and ceviche some of the best we’ve had. Green plantain chips or fried in a mash are a must try.
  5. Beaches Bocagrande is right in the heart of the city, but the water isn’t great. So we went to Isla del Encanto, which was very expensive, but private and guarded so you don’t have to worry about your belongings. Charter a private boat to the Islas de Rosario if you want a customized trip.
  6. Sunset on the Wall Iconic Cartagena experience? You got it. Cafe del Mar is a good place to sit, or just buy a couple beers from the wall vendors and claim your own piece of wall. Drinking in public is legal in Cartagena.
  7. La Popa There’s a convent on top. Because this is the highest part of the city, you get great views. Do not try to walk up the hill. Take a cab or a Chiva Bus.
  8. Castillo de San Felipe Yup. It’s a real castle and it’s f*cking hot in the day, so go right when it opens in the morning. There’s a giant flag at the very top.
  9. Las Palenqueras The fruit ladies are everywhere! Don’t be a dick: buy something or tip them for a photo.
  10. Bocagrande This was our last stop in the city – it’s like Miami Beach meets Puerto Vallarta. Thanks for watching!