My Colombian Adventures

Mark J. Armstrong

HOLA! Hello!

My name is Mark Armstrong and my life was literally saved by a Colombiana.


Yes, it’s true.

A Colombiana-Americana saved my life.

Her name is Patricia.

Because of her, I got to know this awesome country and its vibrant people.


I Love Colombia
Best of Colombia
lo Mejor de Colombia

Exploring a New World...

Look, it’s a long, romantic story and I will write a book about her and some of my other Colombian adventures someday.

I don’t even care if anyone buys it.

You know why?

Just reliving these exciting times will be satisfaction enough for me. haha.

(but all kidding aside, you WILL want to read it-and see the movie)

Patricia Martinez & Me Bogotá, Colombia.
Mark Armstrong & Patricia, the girl that saved his life, dining atop the World Trade Center in Bogota, Colombia Mid 90's.


Located off the coast of Old Providence Island aka Providencia, Colombia.

This tranquil oasis is a UNESCO protected biosphere, and my favorite island in the Caribbean.

One of the most peaceful, tranquil places you’ll ever experience.

The best diving & the friendliest people in the Americas.

These idyllic islands are located in the San Andres Archipelago, about 140 miles off the coast of Nicaragua.

There's Always a Party Going On...

The “Chicas Aguila.” Wherever there is an event or fiesta, you will find these fun, lovely ladies. 

Lots of action & adventure...

I had many exciting times & adventures on my trips to Colombia even including an Avianca airline hijacking and rescue attempt episode.

That’s one of the reasons I have decided to make this website for Best Of Colombia.

My way of paying back all the Colombianos I have met along the way.

I have traveled to Colombia on many occasions and have had many wonderful experiences and amazing adventures.

Colombian Playas

I’ll be telling you more about my adventures when you become a FREE Member of Best of

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The Colombian Post...

Some of you may remember me from when I published the Colombian Post Online back in the early years of the Internet.

(the print Colombian Post newspaper was owned by a separate entity in Bogota)

I was bringing the Colombian News in English to Americans and others who didn’t speak Spanish.

This was before there was a Google News and Google Translator.

Thousands of people received my positive news about Colombia.

I was like a 1 man army combating the news media propaganda during the days of Pablo Escobar & the Cali Cartel.

I was promoting the positive side of Colombia before it became fashionable to do so.

The Colombia I first met was MUCH different than it is today.

You all know what I mean.


Chicas Colombianas

Colombia is Still a Dangerous Place

But, the danger today is that you won’t ever want to leave!

I Kid You NOT!

Just ask anyone who’s been there to prove me wrong.


You know, sometimes I even feel that I have some Colombian blood flowing in my veins. haha.

You probably know a lot of Colombian-Americans.

I’m more like an American-Colombian!

Anyway, I will be working hard on this and many of the other Colombian and Caribbean websites. So check back weekly for new updates.

It’s all for a great cause for the Caribbean “Costenas” and Islanders.


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I’m based north of Miami, near a great Colombian Paisa restaurant, El Balcon de las Americas.

So, if you’re ever in the DeerField Beach area & want to have lunch…

Speaking of Colombian Adventures, here’s my Friend Al trying to find love with a Colombiana…

haha, this guy IS persistent!

See how he makes out!

And, don’t forget to check “How to talk like a Colombian.”